ZYB1B DIC 20x Cina

vol. 12 do Conservation Science in Cultural Heritage

Foi editado o 12º volume do jornal de Ciência da Conservação.

Acesso gratuito com os seguintes artigos:

  1. In search of a holistic, sustainable and replicable model for complete energy refurbishment in historic buildings PDF
  • Marija S. Todorović
  1. Art and environment as media for ecosustainability, ethics and aesthetics PDF
  • Salvatore Lorusso, Angela Braida
  1. Carbonatogenesis: microbial contribution to the conservation of monuments and artwork of stone PDF
  • Swaranjit S. Cameotra, Tikam C. Dakal
  1. RICH: Research and Innovation for Cultural Heritage PDF
  • Vincenzo Barone, Daniele Licari, Franco Maria Nardini
  1. Biodeterioration and chemical conservation of Bhimkichak Temple, Malhar, Chhattisgarh, India PDF
  • Sanjay Prasad Gupta, Kavita Sharma, B.S. Chhabra
  1. Impoverishment of Sicilian (Italy) historical and cultural assets by an alien insect species: the case of the red palm weevil PDF
  • Barbara Manachini, Noemi Billeci, Lucia Cecilia Lorusso, Franco Palla
  1. What I learned at “Rio + 20” about the future we want PDF
  • Valery S. Petrosyan
  1. AlmaDL Journals: quality services for open access scientific publications at the University of Bologna PDF
  • Marialaura Vignocchi, Roberta Lauriola, Andrea Zanni, Antonio Puglisi, Raffaele Messuti
  1. Preventive conservation strategies for wax bodies in scientific university collections PDF
  • Alicia Sánchez Ortiz, Sandra Micó Boró
  1. Twenty-five years on: still working toward a theory of conservation? PDF
  • Paolo Fancelli
  1. Regalzier: study of a typical historical plaster finish in Venice PDF
  • Anna Remotto, Eleonora Balliana, Francesca Caterina Izzo, Guido Biscontin, Elisabetta Zendri



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